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Jimmy Stofer is a composer, producer, and bassist based in Los Angeles.  As a composer, Jimmy has written music for various films, TV shows, commercials, and trailers.  His songs have been used by HBO, ABC, NBC, MTV, USA, Google, Nike, Apple, Visa, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Target, AT&T, and many more.  

As a bassist, he has played with The Fray, Rose Hill Drive, Ryan Bingham, Scars On 45, The Flobots, Cary Brothers, Crosby Loggins, Van Stee, Meese, and many more.  In addition, Jimmy has had the pleasure to play numerous gigs both nationally and around the world as well as popular TV shows such as Jay Leno, David Letterman, Ellen, Conan O’Brien, Good Morning America, Craig Ferguson, and others.  

He also has a solo project Weather Maps.